We now offer even more choice to help you satisfy your individual needs. Our expanded suite of annuities includes Target Income 10® fixed index annuity, Assured Income 7® fixed index annuity, Retirement Stages 7® fixed index annuity, Retirement Chapters 10® fixed index annuity and Pinnacle MYGA® fixed annuity.

PLEASE NOTE: Product availability and marketing materials may vary by state.


Delaware Life’s Retirement Stages 7® offers you the flexibility and choice of different strategies to potentially grow your money and build your future income.


Retirement Chapters 10® gives you flexibility and control so you can plan for the next chapters of your life your way.



Assured Income 7® offers predictable guaranteed future income for more realistic real-life planning.



Pinnacle MYGA® is a guaranteed way to build retirement assets without the principal risk of stocks, bonds or mutual funds.



Delaware Life Masters Prime Variable Annuity® is a flexible premium variable annuity (VA) that can help grow your client’s money to overcome rising costs of inflation and market volatility, as well as establish a steady stream of income for retirement.




Performance data availability varies by index:

  • S&P 500® Index back to 3/4/1957
  • CROCI Sectors III USD 5.5% Volatility Control Index back to 4/4/1996
  • Momentum Asset Allocator 5.5% Volatility Control Index back to 6/27/2003
  • Morgan Stanley Global Opportunities Index back to 12/31/2001

The index price tool shown above is for illustrative purposes only. Your fixed indexed annuity does not actually invest directly in any of these indices. Purchase payments allocated to a crediting method using any of the indices are not direct investments in the stock markets, bond markets, commodities, precious metals or in the indices. Purchasers of fixed indexed annuities will have no access to the components underlying the indices.

The examples are not representative of the performance of any index option for a fixed indexed annuity. Actual performance will be greater or less than what is illustrated. Further, the actual results would be impacted due to Cap Rates, Participation Rates, and/or Spreads.

Deutsche Bank AG

This Product (the “Product”) is not sponsored, endorsed, managed, sold or promoted by Deutsche Bank AG (DB AG) or any subsidiary or affiliate of DB AG. The Deutsche Bank Indices are the exclusive property of DB AG. “Deutsche Bank” and “CROCI” are proprietary marks of DB AG and its affiliates that have been licensed for certain uses and purposes to Delaware Life Insurance Company (DLIC). Neither DB AG, CROCI, nor any affiliate of DB AG, nor any other party involved in, or related to, making or compiling the Deutsche Bank Indices: (1) is acting in a fiduciary or product management capacity or providing any endorsement of the Product or investment advice of any kind; (2) has any obligation to take the needs of DLIC, the sponsor of the Product, or its clients into consideration in determining, composing or calculating the Deutsche Bank Indices; (3) is responsible for or has participated in the determination of the timing of, prices at, quantities or valuation of the Product; (4) WARRANTS OR GUARANTEES THE ACCURACY AND/OR THE COMPLETENESS OF THE DEUTSCHE BANK INDICES OR ANY DATA INCLUDED THEREIN AND SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR ANY ERRORS, OMISSIONS, OR INTERRUPTIONS THEREIN OR THE ADMINISTRATION, MARKETING OR TRADING OF THE PRODUCT. The CROCI Indices have been built on the premise that the CROCI Economic P/E is an effective indicator of inherent value. This premise may not be correct, and prospective investors must form their own view of the CROCI methodology and evaluate whether CROCI is appropriate for them. Please see the Disclosure Statement and Annuity Illustration for more information about the Deutsche Bank Indices and the Product.

Obligations to make payments under the Product are solely the obligation of Delaware Life Insurance Company and are not the responsibility of DB AG. The selection of one or more of the Deutsche Bank Indices as a crediting option under the Product does not obligate Delaware Life Insurance Company or DB AG to invest annuity payments in the components of any of the Deutsche Bank Indices.

While volatility controls may result in less fluctuation in rates of return as compared to indices without volatility controls, they may also reduce the overall rate of return as compared to products not subject to volatility controls.

There are risks associated with the CROCI methodology, the CROCI Sectors III Index and the CROCI Sectors III USD 5.5% Volatility Control (”CROCI Sectors 5.5% VC”) Index:

  • No assurance can be given that the CROCI methodology will be successful at identifying undervalued companies;
  • There is no assurance that (i) the three industry sectors chosen will outperform the other industry sectors or (ii) the 30 chosen stocks will outperform the remaining stocks in the component indices;
  • Even if the strategy of the CROCI Sectors III Index is successful and it outperforms the component indices, the level of the CROCI Sectors 5.5% VC may decline;
  • Because the CROCI Sectors 5.5% VC is subject to a maximum notional exposure of 100% to the CROCI Sectors III Index and will not adjust its exposure to the CROCI Sectors III Index by more than 10% on any day, the CROCI Sectors 5.5% VC may not be able to maintain a fixed target volatility level of 5.5%;
  • If the realized volatility of the CROCI Sectors III Index is less than 5.5%, the CROCI Sectors 5.5% VC may have a 100% exposure to the CROCI Sectors III Index, but a target volatility level less than 5.5%;
  • Because the CROCI Sectors 5.5% VC’s exposure to the CROCI Sectors III Index on each day is calculated based on the historical realized volatility the CROCI Sectors III Index, the realized volatility of the CROCI Sectors 5.5% VC could differ significantly from the target volatility level;
  • The CROCI Sectors 5.5% VC is subject to currency exchange rate risk; and
  • Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch, as the sponsor and calculation agent of the Index, may adjust the Index and/or its components in a way that affects their respective levels and may have conflicts of interest.

Standard & Poor’s 500®

The Standard & Poor’s 500® (”S&P 500®“) is a product of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC or its affiliates (”SPDJI”) and has been licensed for use by Delaware Life Insurance Company (”Delaware Life”). Standard & Poor’s® and S&P® are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC (”S&P”); Dow Jones® is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC (”Dow Jones”); and these trademarks have been licensed for use by SPDJI and sublicensed for certain purposes by Delaware Life. Retirement Chapters 10® is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by SPDJI, Dow Jones, S&P, or their respective affiliates and none of such parties make any representation regarding the advisability of investing in such product(s) nor do they have any liability for any errors, omissions, or interruptions of the S&P 500®.

Morgan Stanley

This product is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Morgan Stanley or any of its affiliates. Neither Morgan Stanley nor any other party (including, without limitation, any calculation agents or data providers) makes any representation or warranty, express or implied, regarding the advisability of purchasing this product. The Morgan Stanley Global Opportunities Index (the “Index”) is the exclusive property of Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley and the Index are service marks of Morgan Stanley and have been licensed for use for certain purposes Delaware Life Insurance Company. Morgan Stanley will not have any obligation or liability to owners of this product in connection with the administration or marketing of this product, and neither Morgan Stanley nor any other party guarantees the accuracy and/or the completeness of the Index or any data included therein. Morgan Stanley and its affiliates may engage in transactions involving components of the Index for their proprietary accounts and/or for accounts of their clients, which may affect the value of such components and the level of the Index.