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Americans are living longer on average than ever before. You may even spend more years in retirement than you spent at work. The challenge is finding ways to both grow and protect your retirement money, even in times of economic and market uncertainty.

At Delaware Life Insurance Company we are dedicated to creating practical solutions with easy to understand features, delivered with clarity, integrity and efficiency.

pure value

Fixed index annuities

Save for retirement with protection from down markets.


Retirement Stages 7®

Retirement Stages 7® allows you to participate in the market growth potential by tracking an index, while protecting your money from the risk of market drops.

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Retirement Chapters 10®

Retirement Chapters 10® gives you the security of principal protection, the opportunity to participate in the market growth potential by tracking an index, tax-deferred growth and predictable income.

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Assured Income 7®

Assured Income 7® offers predictable guaranteed future income for more realistic real-life planning.

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Target Income 10®

Target Income 10® can help you capture some of the market’s upside growth potential and protect your money from the risk of market drops. Its optional rider can provide guaranteed income for life.

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Multi-year guaranteed fixed annuities

Plan for retirement with a fixed rate of return.


Pinnacle MYGA®

Pinnacle MYGA® provides a simple, steady, guaranteed way to build retirement savings without the risk of investing in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

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Variable annuities

Offers a variety of investment options for growth potential and can help to build a retirement income stream or create a legacy.


Masters Prime Variable AnnuitySM

Masters Prime Variable AnnuitySM can help grow your money to overcome rising inflation and market volatility, and establish a steady stream of income for retirement.

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Delaware Life Masters Prime Variable AnnuitySM

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Fund availability tool

A fund availability tool is provided to assist you in identifying sub-accounts available to include Designated Funds and BYOP where applicable.

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