Pinnacle PlusSM

The Pinnacle PlusSM is a single-premium deferred fixed annuity with multiple guarantee periods. It offers a simple, guaranteed way to build retirement assets without the principal risk typically associated with stocks, bonds or mutual funds.


Ways to grow your savings with the Pinnacle PlusSM:

Guaranteed, fixed interest rates

You can choose one of multiple guarantee periods to align with your specific needs and get a fixed rate of interest for the period you select.

Tax-deferred growth, until you take withdrawals

You do not pay any taxes on earnings until you take withdrawals, so your money goes to work for you immediately, giving your account balance more time to grow. Deferring taxes could be even more beneficial if you are in a lower tax bracket when you make your withdrawals as a retiree. Withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income and if taken prior to 59½, you may have to pay a 10% federal tax penalty.

Renewal feature

At the end of your guarantee period, you will have the option to renew your annuity for another guarantee period. If you choose, you can generally continue to renew your annuity in any new guarantee period that ends prior to your 95th birthday.

Renewal rates for subsequent guarantee periods will be based on competitive current interest rates at the time of your renewal and may differ from the initial guaranteed interest rate. There is a 30-day window prior to the end of your guarantee period to select a new guarantee period. If no election is made, your annuity will automatically renew for the same guarantee period you had previously selected. During your 30-day window, you can make withdrawals or surrender your annuity with no surrender charges or market value adjustment.


Ways to access your income:

Penalty-free withdrawals

In year one, you may take your RMD without incurring any charges.

Beginning in year two of your contract, you can withdraw up to 10% of the value of your account each year, free from charges. Amounts in excess of this may be subject to a surrender charge or market value adjustment, unless used to meet your required minimum distribution (RMD).

Lifetime income options

Pinnacle PlusSM can provide you with a guaranteed income stream through the annuitization feature, which turns your deferred account into a regular stream of income payments.

You can choose from several different annuity payout options, including payments for your entire lifetime, payments for your entire lifetime including a guaranteed minimum period payable to either you or your beneficiary(ies), or payments over the lifetime for you and a co-annuitant. If annuitization begins following the fifth contract year, no surrender charges or market value adjustment will be applied when calculating your payout.

Other features:

Terminal Illness and Nursing Home Waivers (Not available in all states)

Pinnacle PlusSM includes both Nursing Home and Terminal Illness Waivers so that you can access your money in case of these unexpected expenses.

After your first contract anniversary, should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness you can take a one-time withdrawal without early withdrawal charges.

After your first contract anniversary, if you are hospitalized or treated in a nursing facility for at least 90 days, you can take a one-time withdrawal without early withdrawal charges (as long as the contract is purchased before your 76th birthday).

These waivers may not be available in all states; additional restrictions apply. Please ask your financial professional for details.

Guaranteed death benefit

Pinnacle PlusSM allows you to designate a beneficiary or beneficiaries. Beneficiaries may choose to receive payouts in either a lump sum or a series of income payments. If you die before you begin receiving annuity income payments, your beneficiary will receive at least the account value (including all the interest you’ve earned).1

More about Pinnacle PlusSM:

If you make a withdrawal prior to the end of the interest guarantee period, you may be subject to a market value adjustment that reflects changes in interest rates that may occur between the times the guaranteed interest rate began and when the withdrawal is taken.


1Minus any adjustments for charges and taxes.

Pinnacle PlusSM Legal Disclosure

All products and/or options may not be available in all states. Annuity contracts contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits, and terms for keeping them in force. Your licensed financial professional can provide you with complete details. For use with Delaware Life Insurance Company policy form ICC14-DLIC-MYGA-01A and state specific variations where applicable.

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