Performance elevates possibility

Delaware Life Insurance Company’s flexible retirement solutions help you save with discipline and grow with confidence.

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Performance inspires confidence

Delaware Life Insurance Company’s simple, straightforward retirement solutions help to provide stability without sacrificing growth.

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Performance improves perspective

Delaware Life Insurance Company’s forward-thinking solutions let you plan for a legacy that will live on for years to come.

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Interest that’s fixed. Income that’s guaranteed.*

Learn more about fixed index annuities from Delaware Life Insurance Company.

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Retirement saving made simple

Whether you’re saving for your retirement, or ready to transition your savings to income, you’ll find solutions that fit your needs at any stage of life.

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With tax deferral, time is on your side

Tax-deferred retirement savings products enable you to accumulate on principal as well as interest earned and pay taxes only on withdrawal, when you may even be in a lower tax bracket.

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This chart is a hypothetical representation of fixed index annuity growth under varying market/index conditions and is not meant to represent the performance of any Delaware Life Insurance Company fixed index annuity (FIA) product. It does not reflect any potential withdrawals or associated surrender charges. Interest credited to a FIA is subject to caps, spreads and/or participation rates that affect the proportion of index gains the annuity captures. Account value is the sum of all premiums, plus accumulated interest, and minus the amount of any withdrawals. This is not a guarantee of performance and does not predict performance. Annuities do not participate directly in the stock market or any index. It is an insurance product designed to help you prepare for the future.

* Guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company and are subject to product terms, exclusions and limitations.

Fixed index annuities are not securities and do not participate directly in the stock market or any index, and are not investments. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

This is a hypothetical example of how tax deferral works, it does not show any specific product or performance. Actual tax rates will vary based on the tax payers particular situation. Actual performance will also vary and is not guaranteed. A lower maximum tax rate on capital gains and dividends would make returns for taxable investments more favorable, thereby reducing the difference in performance shown.

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